So happy I decided to start this again… I’ve missed the feeling of just doing something nice because I can… Because we don’t know what someone is going through and sometimes a gift from a stranger is just what you may need….

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Pay It Forward Day 151

Day #151 #payingitforward

Today I went to the grocery store and picked up some brownie mix and Oreos… know what did?? I put an Oreo in the brownie mix and baked the sucker! Then I took some to the 5 points Fire hall and Fire hall #7 on the East side ;o)

I hope they loved them ;o)


Pay It Forward Days 134-150

Days 134 – 150 #payingitforward

I have been really bas at keeping up with my PIFs, I have handed out MANY ADKs and hung up several Take What You Need signs, I have given them at doctor’s offices when I work and also just sitting in traffic… I have done my flower PIF a handful of times over the last 2 weeks, I LOVE LOVE doing this one thing because it always feels wonderful! Last night I was at Kroger (Alps rd as always) and I picked up 2 bouquets of flowers they were a mix of flowers, one with carnations and roses and the other with lilies… So I handed one set of flowers to an older couple in the parking lot and the lady said “How sweet, You will have a wonderful life” I told her : “Thank you, I hope so…” after all of about 2 seconds I turned back and said ” I do, actually, I do have a wonderful life thank you!” The other set of flowers, I parked in front of this car when I got there and there was a Army hat in the windshield and an army Pin hanging from the visor, I wanted to leave a thank you for this person before I went in the store because I was thinking they may not still be there when I came out but I couldn’t think what to write, nothing felt like enough…. just happens they were still parked there when I came out so i left the flowers on that car ;o)


Pay It Forward Day 133

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Day #133 #payingitforward

I haven’t been able to do my flower PIF lately but today I was able to and I’m so happy I did

Bridget you keep some awesome ladies in your circle who speak very kindly of you


Just ran in Kroger and when I came out found flowers left on my car from a total stranger!! Thank you for making my heart smile ‘Heather’s pay it forward 2014’!!!

Pay It Forward Day 132

This PIF was shared by Heather’s Aunt Linda on Facebook.  Aunt Linda, herself, has had some struggles this year, as we’ve shared on her own blog.

In honor of Heather Escoe, sharing this: Went to return a dress today … there was a lady holding a pretty green blouse that would have looked so nice on her … look of longing on her face, so I said “that would be very pretty on you, ma’am”… she lit up like that proverbial Christmas tree…so when she went to put it down, I took it and paid for it and told her to enjoy her pretty self! Didn’t matter the cost, she was touched, and her friend just kept looking at me like….”really? wow!” … such fun!

Oh, yeah, PS. Since sunday is father’s day, i laughed and said “happy father’s day, since it’s the next upcoming holiday” … She got the funniest look on her face and said “for the last 10 years since my husband died, i’ve been mother AND father to my kids… thank you, again!” i don’t know what made me say it in the first place, but i guess it was the ‘right’ thing to say!

Pay It Forward Days 119 – 130

Since May 28th thru today and the rest of this week… So that’s

Days # 119 – 130
I have handed out ADKs and putting up Take what you need signs.. At and around I75 and the beaches

Also today there was a huge inflatable slide at the beach and I overheard a little boy (maybe 4 or 5) and his moms conversation … Mom says .. Be happy you got to go on it at all… Boy says… I am I just wish I could do it one more time…

I happen to have $3.00 in my wallet which was just enough for 1 ride and since I have 2 kids that wasn’t working for US… So naturally I asked her if I could pay for him to go down the slide one more time.

~H~ beach